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"Isn't it beautiful?" Zach asked.

" is..." Maya paused.  "Zach? Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Do you think I'm beautiful?"

"Ah the killer question."  Zach laughed.  "I find your human and anthro forms quite pretty.  I'm sure that after being a normal fox for a while, I'll find your normal form attractive too."

Maya changed into a human again. "You know, this isn't my true hair color."

"I should've guessed, what with all the magic you have."  

Maya giggled. "When I want to, I can make it so everybody sees my hair as a beautiful shade of their favorite color. I'll make it work."  She said.

"That would probably result in you looking like an anime character... My favorite color is green."

Maya giggled. "I just made it so you see the color. How does it look?"

"It really clashes with your ears and tail, but it looks surprisingly natural otherwise."

"Hey, try thinking of another color besides green and my hair will change. If you stop thinking of that color, it'll change back."

"Interesting," Zach said, unintentionally thinking of several colors in succession, before settling on red.

Maya smiled because she could see the colors. "Red is one of the more natural colors."

"May I ask you a question now?"  Zach asked.


"Why did you pick me?  Out of all the people out there why did you choose me?"

Maya's ears perked. "Because you looked sweet and trusting. Also because you are pretty hot."

"Er... thanks..." Zach said, surprised by the last one.  He hugged her as the sun started to disappear.

Maya kissed Zach again. "Zach?"


"Do you love me yet?"

Zach was really caught off guard by this.  "Er, y-you see... I..."

"I know we haven't been together long enough, so your answer doesn't matter." she said with a smile.

"Thank you for understanding..."  Zach said, finally speaking again.  "But I don't love you in that way now."

"Er, I meant what I just said.  Sorry to confuse you..."

Maya sighed. "It's alright."

"Thank you."  Zach said.  "I hope you understand.  I mean, the same thing had happened to you, didn't it?"

"What do you mean?"

"You told me that a Kitsune captured and transformed you when you were younger."

"Yes, but I found that I loved him very quickly."

"Two days?"  Maya nodded slowly.

Zach sighed.  "It's getting late.  Let's call it a night, eh Maya?"

"Alright. Let's get to bed." she said and yawned.

"Sweetie, sorry about this morning. I'm just used to sleeping in my fur as a sort of pajamas."  She said with a giggle and a shift to anthro after Zach got into bed.

"Hmm, maybe I should try that."  Zach said shifting.  "The only problem is I don't know how to give a good night kiss with a muzzle."  Maya simply licked him on the cheek.  He chuckled, and licked her back.  "Good night Maya."  Zach said, falling asleep.  Maya made her clothes disappear and climbed into bed with Zach, snuggling him like last night.

The next day, Zach woke up, this time not really surprised by Maya.  He quickly and quietly left the room to fix breakfast for her.  About a half hour later, Maya walked out of her room, human and wearing her revealing bikini and wrapped in a towel.

"Good morning!"  Zach said, meeting her in the hall.  "Breakfast is ready.  Do you like scrambled eggs?"

Maya nodded. "Like my bikini, sweetie?" she asked, removing the towel.

"Well, to be honest, I liked the more modest clothes you wore when my family was visiting."  Maya just giggled and kissed Zach.   Zach blushed and led Maya to the kitchen.  Maya smiled and followed, sitting at the table. "Are the eggs good?"  Zach asked.  She nodded and kept eating.

"If you'll excuse me for a moment," Zach said, "I just remembered something in your library I need to read over."

"Oops, I just remembered, I need to give your family a spell book!" Maya said and ran off to the library.  She wrapped herself in her towel, grabbed the spell book, and walked through a portal.

"Well," Zach thought to himself, "That gives me some time to think about how to word the question..."

Maya walked into Zach's house, the book under her arm.  Nathan was the only one awake at the time.  He was very surprised to see Maya again, in a bikini, no less.  Maya's top was still showing and smiled. "Hello Nathan."

"Hello Maya."  Nathan said.  "What are you doing here?"

"I came to drop off a spellbook as I promised."

"Oh, right.  Anyway, I think you should go, or at least change clothes, before my parents wake up.  If they see you dressed like that, they might get the wrong idea."  Maya smiled and snapped her fingers. Some normal, but more revealing clothes appeared on her.  Nathan sighed.  "Well, that's moving in the right direction."  He mumbled.  "I'll tell them that you left this here."

"Actually, mind if I stay a while?"

"I guess not..." Nathan said as his sisters came downstairs.  Maya waved to them and smiled.

"Hello Maya."  Liz, one of Zach's sisters said.  "Thanks for these rings."  She turned herself into a kitten.  Before Liz knew it, she was in Maya's arms, being petted gently.  She purred, as her parents came downstairs.  

"Maya?  What are you doing back here?"  Zach's dad asked.

She turned to him, still petting Liz. "I came to drop off a spellbook. I thought I'd stay for a while. That alright?"

"I guess."  Zach's mother said.  "Why, may I ask?"

"Well, to get to know you all better and to give Zach some time alone."

"Okay."  Zach's mom said.  "How has he been by the way?"

"He's fine." Maya said, still petting Liz. Her hand glowed for a second and Liz grew to a full-grown cat.

"Oh, I don't want to be OLD."  Liz groaned.  Maya giggled and thought for a moment. She turned Liz into a fox kit.  Liz grumbled again.  "I like being a cat better."

"Hmmm…" Maya set her down and turned her into a Serval at an age equivalent to her human self.

"Thanks."  Liz said, rubbing against Maya's leg.

Maya smiled and petted her. "You're welcome. Servals were always my favorite kind of cat."

"Maya," Zach's mother asked, "I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but what happened to your parents?"
"I don't know Actually..."

"They just disappeared?"

"No idea."

Zach's mom was quite surprised.  "Well, do you know what happened to make it look like your house had burned down?"  Maya shook her head.

Maya looked at Zach's other sister. "Have you ever played pokemon?" she asked.

"Yeah!  I love those games."

Maya smiled. "What pokemon is your favorite?"

"Eevee."  Leigh said.  Maya smiled and tapped Leigh's chest, sending fur spreading across her chest and down her body.

"Wow!" She said, "You mean the rings can do that too?"  Maya nodded and smiled as Leigh started to shrink and her face pushed out into a muzzle.

Suddenly, Nathan began to sneeze.  "Agh!  I guess I'm allergic to Eevees."  He mumbled, heading to his room.   Maya watched a long bushy tail snake its way out of Leigh's pants. Her pants fell down, as she was too small to stay in them by now.  Liz and Leigh both laughed and started playing with each other.  Maya smiled as the Eevee and Serval started to play. She then looked up at their parents.

"I'd rather not take part in this whole shapeshifting business."  Their mom said.  "Something about it just worries me."

She giggled. "Actually, I wanted to ask if I could change you. You might not be so worried if you tried it. Please?"

"Are you sure this ring will let me undo it if I don't like it?" Zach's mother asked.  Maya nodded eagerly.  "Okay then."

"Now, what's your favorite animal?"  Maya asked

"Well, I liked the Saint Bernard I had as a child."  She answered.  Maya smiled and tapped her chest. It was only a short time before she was changed.  She looked herself over.  "Well, this is... different..."  

She giggled. "It always feels weird at first."

"Frankly, I liked how you looked better as a human."  Zach's dad said.

"Oh? Well, may I change you?"  Maya asked.

"No thank you.  I don't trust this magic at all."

"Please?  I want to prove to you all that you can trust me and my magic."

He groaned.  "Fine.  My favorite animal is the otter."  Maya giggled and tapped his chest as well.  He started to feel more energetic as he grew fur and his nose darkened, turning him into an anthro otter.

"That was odd. But then again, it's based on thought."

"He probably didn't want to go too far from being human."  Zach's mom thought to herself.

"You would've been a lot cuter as a full otter."  Maya suggested.

"And I still think my wife looked better as a human than a dog, so we're even."  He glared at Maya

"You don't really like me very much, do you?"

"It's pretty hard to like someone who takes your child away."  He growled.  "How would you have liked it if I had taken your daughter?"

She grinned evilly. "I would've hunted you down, or she would've warped home. But me doing anything like hunting somebody is very rare."

"Not rare enough."  He said.  "And so, while you'd do that for your daughter, you seem to think it's wrong that I'd do that for my son." He said.

"I never said I thought it was wrong."

"Well, maybe you can see where I'm coming from.  Would you trust me if I had taken your daughter?  I'm worried about my son, that's all."

Maya sighed. "I understand. But don't worry. I'd never hurt him."

He sighed.  "Well he's almost eighteen.  If he goes along with this willingly, there's not much I can say about it."  Maya smiled and gave him a short hug, which he resisted.
Liz and Leigh, tired from playing, turned back to normal.  Their dad sighed again and turned human again.  "If you'll excuse me, I some things to do."  He started out the door.

Maya looked at their mother. "I guess I should head home. Remember, you can visit me at any time. Especially you two." she said, looking at Liz and Leigh.

"That's good to know."  Zach's mother said.

Maya smiled and walked through a portal back home. She left it open.  When she arrived, Zach was in the pool, relaxing away.

"Having fun sweetie?"

Zach turned around.  "Oh!  You're back.  Yeah, I'm enjoying this."  He paused.  "Maya, would you like to have lunch out in the wood today?  I know this great spot for picnics."

"Sure. You know, I think your family is starting to like me. Especially your sisters. But your dad is kinda touchy."

"I know.  He's had it rough, and dealt with a lot of thieves and con men, so he's not all that trusting.  Anyway, I fixed our lunch in advance." Zach said as he stepped out of the pool and magically changed his clothes.  "Let me grab the picnic basket and we'll be on our way."

After getting their supplies, Zach and Maya headed out into the forest, eventually stopping by a large waterfall.  "It's so beautiful."  Maya said in awe.

"Yeah, isn't it?"  He said, bringing a bowl of spaghetti out of the basket.  "I hoped you'd like it.  Now, let's eat."  Maya smiled and started to eat.  

After they had their fill, Zach pulled something out of his pocket.  "Maya..." he stammered, raising the object, a ring into view, "Will you marry me?"

Maya gasped and tackled him, kissing him deeply. "Of course! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you too."  Zach said returning the kiss. "You've got everything a guy could ask for in a wife.  Beauty, kindness, dedication..."

"Thank you..." She said, crying for the first time since they met.

"I love you."  He whispered pulling her even closer.  Maya smiled at him. She sat up and looked at the ring.  "I found a way to make a diamond in one of your spellbooks.  It's a lot harder than the text makes it out to be."

"I've seen that spell, and you've made it more amazing than anything I've ever seen." she says, standing up and noticing they were the size of ants. "Whoops."

"Er, How did that happen?" Zach asked, confused.

Maya wiped the tears form her eyes. "Was I...Crying?"

"Yeah. I was a bit surprised by it."

"I've never cried from happiness."  She said, making them grow back to full size. "So... When is the wedding?"

"Well I haven't figured it all out yet, since we would pretty much have to do the whole thing by our selves, but I think I could get it worked out in at least a month."  Zach said, deep in thought.

"I just remembered something."  Maya said. "A while back, Vira used some age magic to be able to make a valid marriage.

"But how?"  Zach asked.  "I'm under legal age.  Plus, wouldn't the government have considered you legally dead a long time ago?"

"Yes, but I want an actual, legal marriage. Should we go home now?"

"Yeah, we should."  Zach said, packing up the food.  "How would we keep our tails and ears hidden from the lawyers and pastors?"  Zach wondered.

"I guess I'll have to reveal them."

"That's a pretty bold move."  

"Yes, but I think I'm ready.  Although it may cause some problems..."

"That's an understatement."  Zach said.  "I mean, we could claim it's part of a wedding theme, but that would only go so far..."

Maya bit her lip. "I guess we'll just have to go along with it."

"On the positive side, we'd only have to deal with my family as guests, so there wouldn't be that much preparation to worry about."

Maya smiled and nodded. She opened a portal to Zach's house and pulled out several envelopes addressed to everybody in Zach's home. "I love magic."

"I can hardly wait to become a real Kitsune and try some of that out for myself."

"Oh, so I'm guessing that you read about becoming a Kitsune upon marriage?" she said with a giggle. She walked through the portal.

"Well no actually, I remember you telling me that I'd become one if you gave me a bit of your blood... or something like that."

"Yes, that's just another way to say it." She said as they walked into Zach's house.

He followed her.  "I'm gonna have a hard time explaining this to dad."  He mumbled.

Maya's ears twitched as she heard this and took a deep breath before walking into the living room.  Zach's mom was in the living room.  "Zach, Maya!"  She said. "How are you two?"  Maya giggled and handed Zach's mother one of the envelopes.

"Well," Zach said, "I just proposed, and she just accepted."  His Mom dropped the book she was reading in surprise.  Maya smiled and kissed Zach.

Zach's mom recovered from her shock.  "That's wonderful, but it seems so fast.  You're having the wedding in two weeks?  Our wedding took six months to prepare."

"But you didn't have magic." Maya pointed out.

"Plus, you, dad, and my siblings are all we need to invite, so the hardest part would be getting a lawyer and pastor to ignore our tails."  Zach noted.

"Actually sweetie," Maya whispered, "if you can be human for the wedding."

"Well given I'll be growing two tails after I say 'I do,' and that you can't hide yours, I think someone would figure it out sooner or later."  Zach said

"Again, thank you sweetie!" she said and kissed him. "You have no idea what this means to me. I haven't been this happy in fifteen years..."

"Well..." Zach's mother said.  "We can try to help you with the legal issues."

Maya walked over and hugged Zach's mother. "Thank you. Now then, I'm going to give everybody their invitations."  She said, heading to the children's rooms.

"Okay," Zach's mom said, "But just to let you know, my husband is still at work right now."

"Hmmm...  When will your father be home?"  Maya asked as she slipped the invitations under the children's doors.

"Later tonight," Zach said. "Probably around eight."

"Ah. Well, maybe I'll stay for a while if it's alright."  Maya asked.

"Okay."  Zach's mother said.

When the time came, Zach was in the front room, waiting for his dad.  "He should be here any minute Maya," He called, "Brace yourself."  Maya just nodded and waited for him to arrive.

Their dad came through the front door.  He was apparently in a really good mood.  Then he saw Maya.  "Let me guess... You're getting married..."

"How'd you know?" she asked with a giggle.

"The only reason I could think of for three visits in a row when you have my son on you at all times is that either you're letting him go, or getting married.  And judging by those ears, it's not the first one."

Maya just smiled and twitched her own ears. "He proposed, by the way. I hadn't even thought of it yet."

Zach's dad gave an intimidating glare at his son.  Zach sheepishly took a few steps back.  Maya just smiled and handed an envelope to him.  His dad took it and left the room.

"Maybe we should get going."  Zach said.  Zach tried to get his green ring to make a portal back to Maya's house, but he couldn't quite get it right.  Maya giggled and grabbed his hand. She helped him make the right motion to open it.

"Thanks honey."  He said, walking through the portal.  Maya walked in after him, once again leaving it open.  "Well, I guess we have the house all to ourselves, huh?"  Maya giggled and nodded before kissing him.  He kissed her back, then changed to a full fox.  Maya smiled and petted him before picking him up and setting him in her lap as she sat down on the couch.  He let out a murr and moved closer.

Maya leaned over so she could hug him in her lap. "Thanks again Sweetie..."

"I want to thank you too honey.  I never thought I'd get to live in a mansion, or use magic, or shapeshift, or meet the girl of my dreams."

"You really mean that?" she asked, changing to anthro and nuzzling him.

"Of course I do.  You've got everything a guy could want."

"Oh, thank you..." she said, smiling.

"Well, after such an eventful day, I'm feeling really sleepy.  Do you want to call it a night?"

Maya yawned and smiled. "Alright. Wanna sleep in just your fur like I do?"

"Eh, I don't see why not at this point."  Maya grinned and kissed him.  He hugged her back, then turned into an anthro and went to the bedroom.

Maya did a happy little dance and changed to anthro as well. Before she went in, she drank the contents of a small vial that made her emit pheromones that would make Zach want to be closer to her as they fell asleep. She walked in and smiled at him.  

When she came in, he was already undressed and lying under the blanket, almost asleep already.  He sniffed, and mumbled, "Do you smell something?"

Maya giggled. "It's me."

He murred as she crawled into bed.  "Smells real nice..." He said, pulling closer to her as he fell asleep.  Maya smiled and snuggled up to him, falling asleep also.

Zach woke the next morning up feeling very warm.  He quickly realized that for some reason he was a lot closer to Maya, than he remembered being, though he certainly didn't mind that.  Maya snuggled closer to him, still asleep. The pheromones were still active.

Zach knew he should get up and start working on wedding preparations, but he felt something made him want to stay with Maya.  "It'll only be for a few more minutes."  He told himself, pulling even closer to her and licking her on the muzzle.

Maya started to wake up and the pheromones got stronger. "Morning sweetheart."

"Good morning honey."  He said.  "You're looking amazing this morning."

"Why thank you."  She said with a giggle. "Like my scent this morning?"

"Oohh, so veerrry much."  He murred, licking her again.

"You're being even more affectionate than yesterday." she said and licked his muzzle again.

He murred again, still not quite making the connection.  "I just can't help it.  You're just too beautiful to ignore."

Maya giggled and smiled. "Aw, thank you sweetie."

Zach's stomach growled loudly.  Fighting the pheromones for a moment, he stopped ogling Maya long enough to ask her.  "Want some breakfast?"

Maya smiled. "Sure."

"I'll go fix us some scrambled eggs."  He said, leaving the bedroom and heading to the kitchen.  Maya silently laughed as he left. She changed back to human and had a more revealing bikini than usual appear on her.

Once the smell of cooked eggs replaced the pheromones, Zach realized he had forgotten to put his clothes back on.  "Good thing the re-clothing spell was one of the first I learned."  He mumbled, magically redressing.  "But why did I forget something so basic?  And why was I being so forward with Maya?  What happened to me this morning?"  Maya's ears perked as she heard him and changed the bikini to some casual, but still revealing clothing.

"Hellooo, Maya!"  Zach said, losing his concentration and almost burning the eggs as her pheromones started acting on him again.  Maya walked in and sat down.  "How was your swim honey?"  He asked, putting a plate in front of her before scooting his chair as close as he could to hers.  

Maya turned down the pheromones enough to allow Zach to think and smiled. "It was good."

That's good to hear." He said, wrapping his arm around her.  "You know, something feels a bit off this morning, but I can't figure out what.  Do you have any ideas?"  He asked before giving her another lick.

Maya made him human and nodded. "Actually, yes. Do you know what pheromones are?"

A look of realization hit his face.  "...Yes..."

Maya had a guilty look. "I've had special pheromones on since last night."

"What?  Maya, I..." He couldn't think of what to say for a moment.  "I loved you already.  Why did you think you needed pheromones?"

Maya started to get tears in her eyes. "I was being selfish last night. I wanted to be closer to you. I messed up big time... I'm sorry..."

He hugged her tightly.  "It's okay Maya, I understand.  I'm just a bit hurt, that's all.  Let's try to avoid rushing love next time, okay?"

Maya hugged back. "Thank you sweetie. They won't fade till about midnight. And they get a stronger basic level every hour. I'll turn them down to the basic."

"So you're saying I'll have a harder time controlling myself around you every hour?  When this is over, remind me to keep Vira form using these."  Maya smiled halfheartedly.

Zach tried to think of some way to end the awkward silence.  "So, Maya, what do you think we should arrange first for the wedding?"

"Well, We'll obviously need food, though I think we can handle that."  Maya scratched her head in thought.  "As for pictures, well, I remember a friend of my parents who knew of my father's secret.  He's not bad with a camera.  I think his name was Charlie.  I'll go call him and ask about that right now."  And with that, Maya headed to the phone.

Zach finished his food and left to the living room sofa.  He sighed, still a little angry at Maya for doubting his love for her enough to resort to pheromones that forced him to love her.  "And it'll just get stronger every hour."  He thought.  "Sure, it's a bit easier to resist them when you know they're there, but by evening I'll probably be so intoxicated by them I won't be able to resist anymore.  And from there it might get even worse."  He worried.  "I might even try to rape her under their influence.  Maybe I should cage myself up and get rid of my ring before that happens."  Zach thought.

He sat in silence for a few hours, and then an idea dawned on him.  "I should ask Maya just what is attracted to that scent."

He went back to the kitchen.  "Hey Maya, Can I ask you something for a second?"

Maya was hanging up the phone just as he walked in. "Yes sweetie?"

"Those Pheromones you're wearing, they only attract male foxes, right?"

"That's half of it. They also attract whoever is my mate." She said, biting her lip.

"Oh, rats."  He muttered.  "I thought that if made myself female for a day I might be able to avoid it."

Maya's ears perked and she started to laugh. "That would lessen the effect it has on you, though."

Zach's ears perked up too.  "Really?  If that's the case I might not have to worry about losing control of myself again.  Or at least, not as badly."

Maya stopped laughing and smiled. "It's risky to use the rings change your sex, unless you've had your sex changed magically before.  It tends to affect your mind much more than the other changes if you haven't.  Let me look for a way to stop the Pheromones before you try that."

"Alright."  Zach nodded.  "I'll trust you."

A few hours later, Zach put his book down.  Even though Maya wasn't even in the same room as him, he could still make out the pheromones.  It was getting so strong; he was starting to have a hard time thinking again.  "I better tell Maya."  He thought.

Maya was in her room, skimming through several books to find a potion to stop the pheromones. "Maya," Zach said as he walked into her room.  "I don't know how long I can hold out against this.  I think we need to try that plan."

"Turning you into a girl?"  Maya asked.

"Yeah.  That one."

Maya stood up. "Are you sure about this?"

"It'll only be till it wears off."  Zach said.  "Even if you don't find a reversal now, it'll wear off at midnight.  Plus, I'm still having a hard time not ogling you as it is."

"Alright. But I'll have to make a potion. Last time I did this with my magic, I messed up and gave them a mind change."  

"Alright."  Zach said.  "I'll wait upstairs in the room that used to be the wolf's."

"Alright sweetie. Unfortunately, it might be an hour before the potion is finished, so be careful when I come up."

"Alright."  Zach said.  "Good thing I moved some of my old stuff over here.  I won't have to worry about being bored while I wait."

Maya smiled and kissed him. "Now you better hurry before you can't control yourself anymore."

"Yeah, you're right."  Zach quickly left the room and darted up the stairs.  Once in the wolf's room, he picked up an old spellbook and began reading.  Zach was hoping to find a spell that might make this unneeded.  The closest thing he found so far was an "Anti-love potion" but that seemed a bit stronger than he wanted.  He continued skimming, not finding anything helpful in his current situation, but he did find a couple of good ideas for decorating the wedding.
The pheromones were drifting through the air in the hallway. Maya continued to work hard on the potion. The lingering pheromones in the hallway were oddly stronger than the ones Maya was emitting.  Zach felt compelled to see Maya again in spite of his better judgment.  He headed down the stairs to Maya's room.

Maya saw Zach walk by her room and got a confused look. "Zach? Why are you down here? The pheromones are getting too strong."

"I just felt like I had to see your pretty face again."  He said, no longer thinking clearly in the slightest.  Maya sighed. She couldn't decide whether to keep him like this or force him back into the room.   He slid closer to her and gave her a kiss.

She whimpered, as she knew it was too late to put him back in the room now. She kissed him back and went back to work on the potion.  "Mmm..."  He murred.  "Maya I just can't begin to describe how crazy you make me feel.  Those lovely tails swishing back and forth..." he droned on, not really thinking about what he was saying.

"Um sweetie? Maybe you should go for a swim. I'm a little busy." Maya said, needing concentration. She loved this Zach, but knew it was wrong.

"Aw, but honey, I can't just leave you all alone."

"No, It's alright. Go for a swim."

"But I NEED to be with you Maya!"  He said, hugging her tightly.

Maya almost spilled the potion from the sudden hug. "You can stay, but sit on the bed. Alright?"

"Oh, Alright Maya."  He said, releasing his grip on her, but not taking his eyes off her for a moment.  Maya sighed and worked for the next fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, due to the interruptions, the potion wasn't finished yet as the pheromones got stronger.

Zach's mind was being driven crazy by the pheromones.  He could barely form a thought that didn't involve him and Maya expressing affection in one way or another.  Maya looked over at Zach and sighed at her tormented mate. "Come here Zach." she said, almost finished with the potion.  He leapt up and ran towards Maya, hugging and kissing her repeatedly.

"Calm down sweetie!" she said, grabbing the last ingredient.

"But I have answer you angelic voice!  You're the only thing worth living for!"

She finally snapped. "ZACH! CALM DOWN!" she screamed at him.

"I'm sorry!"  He said, falling to the floor.  "I'll be calm if that's what you want."  He whispered.

She finished the potion and looked at Zach. "I'm sorry for yelling sweetie. Can you drink this for me?"

"Yes!  I'm sure it will be delicious!"  He said, eagerly drinking all of it at once.  Maya flopped onto her bed with a sigh as Zach already started to change.  Zach's physique started to take on more feminine proportions as his thoughts started to clear up.

"Are you alright Zach?"  Maya asked.

Zach's hair started to grow a bit longer as the other changes finished up.  The haze in her mind vanished almost completely.  "Yes," Zach said calmly.  She walked over to Maya and gave her a hug, which felt far more sincere than the ones Maya had received that day.  "Thank you Maya."

"You're welcome sweetie. Do you remember anything of the past half hour?" Maya asked.

"A little.  I wish I didn't though."  She said.  "Still thanks again for letting me do this, I know you wanted me to be more affectionate.  Since you didn't leave me like that, I'm glad to know you don't just think of me as your little toy."

"I'm sorry sweetie. Do you remember me yelling at you?" she asked, a sad look on her face.

"Yeah.  But don't feel bad about it.  I'm just glad I can think clearly again."

Maya stood up and walked over to Zach, hugging her. "It's really awkward, isn't it?"

"What, the way I was acting?"

"No. I mean, you being a girl."

"Actually, not really."  Zach said.  "That potion made it feel perfectly natural."  She looked herself over.  "Though I should probably change my clothes."

"Yeah. They look rather...tight. You can get something from my closet."

"No, I got it."  Zach used her ring to change her shirt and pants into a comfortable dress.  "I think I'm starting to get the hang of magic."

Maya giggled at the dress. "Yup. The dress is cute. You'd better hope none of your family decides to visit." she said, sitting on her bed.

"Yeah," Zach giggled with her, "It'd be hard to explain this."

"Oh yeah."

"You know, it's almost time for dinner.  Are you hungry?"

Maya nodded. Before she let Zach go, she took out a camera.

"What's that for?"  Zach asked.

Maya grinned and took a picture of Zach. "Oh nothing. I want Vira to see you."

"Blackmail huh?" Zach giggled jokingly.

Maya giggled. "No. Something to look at when I need a laugh." she said and Vira walked in the room. She saw Zach, turned around, and walked out laughing.  Zach laughed set to work fixing dinner.

"Would you like to go out the garden for a while and just lay back and look at the stars?"  Zach asked after a relatively quick meal.  "Or is there anything else you would like to do tonight?"

"Sure."  Maya said.  "But first, I need a quick swim to calm down."

"Okay, mind if I join you?"

"Sure." Maya said, making a one-piece appear on her and giggled as she thought about Zach.

"Hm, that doesn't look bad on you."  Zach said.  A similar one-piece appeared on her.  

"Thank you. It looks good on you too." She said with a laugh.

"Thanks."  Zach headed to the poolroom and stuck her foot in the water.  "It's nice and warm right now." She said.

"Good." Maya said and jumped in the water. An odd dark blue vapor trailed behind her for a moment. After a moment it stopped.

"What was that?"  Zach wondered as she waded into the pool.

Maya came up and saw the trail. "Hey, that looks like the pheromone potion.  Zach, I think I just got rid of the pheromones."

"Really?"  Zach said, getting out of the water.  "That's great!  But I'm staying out of the water 'till the pool is clean."

"Alright." Maya said getting out. "Do you mind if we test if they're gone?"

"Okay."  Zach said.  "Though I think I might try this again sometime."  She thought.  Her ring went to work, changing him and his clothes to normal.  Zach took a deep breath, and felt perfectly normal.  "They're gone Maya!"

"Hang on." she said and dipped her foot in the water. A blue trail came off, but very light. "I guess they're still gonna linger."

"Well,"  Zach said, "At least I'll be able to think clearly for most of the night.  And since it wears off at midnight, we won't have to worry anymore."

"Yeah, but by the time we get in bed, it'll probably be strong enough to make you wanna cuddle me." Maya said with a giggle.

"After all that I've been through today, I really wanna cuddle you anyway."  He laughed, hugging her.

"Aw, thanks sweetie." she said, hugging back.

"So, would you like to do a little stargazing tonight?"

"Sure." she said, smiling.

"Race you to the garden then!"  Zach said, rushing out of the poolroom.  Maya giggled and ran after him in her one-piece. She ran past him and out the back door.

"Aww, I took pride in being the fastest in my family."  Zach said.  "But I guess I shouldn't really be surprised."  Maya giggled and changed her one-piece into a bikini when Zach came out.

"Sure you should be wearing that?  It's kinda cold out here."

Maya smiled. "Why don't you come over and keep me warm?" she said and made Zach anthro.  Both of them lay down on the grass as Zach wrapped his tail around her waist.  Maya smiled and held closer to Zach. "I love you Zach."

"And I love you Maya."  Maya smiled and kissed him.

He kissed her back.  "Maya, I want to let you know, I forgive you for using pheromones to get me to be more affectionate."

"Thank you...I was being so selfish..."

"But you know," He said, "After being a girl for a while, I think I understand why you did it.  And I'll try to show you how much I love you more often from now on."

"Again, thank you sweetie."

Zach yawned. "I'm pretty tired after everything that happened today.  How about we get some sleep?"

"All right sweetie." she said, the pheromones starting to get stronger.  As they walked to the bedroom, Zach started absent-mindedly running his fingers through her hair.  Maya giggled and turned anthro, her bikini slipping off.

"Whoops!" he said, picking it up.  "You dropped this."  He wasn't making much of an effort to look away this time.

Maya giggled and made it disappear. "That's what the fur is for."

He made his clothes vanish as he crawled into bed, and waited for Maya to join him.  Maya smiled and crawled into bed too, the pheromones strong enough to make Zach want to be closer to her already.  He eagerly slid closer, putting his arm around her and kissed her.  "Good night honey."

"Good night sweetie."  She said, before making the pheromones double in strength to what they were before the gender potion.

Zach's mind was instantly overwhelmed.  "You know Maya," He said, starting to get sleepy, "You're... looking'... very... sexy... right now." And with that he fell asleep.  Maya giggled and snuggled as close to him as she could.

When Zach woke up the morning he felt a great deal of weight on his arm.  He looked to see what was weighing it down, and was shocked to see Maya was twice her size, most of her body hanging off the bed and her arms trapping Zach in her grasp.

"MAYA!"  Zach shouted.  "WHAT'S GOING ON?"  Maya remained asleep, sleeping heavier than usual due to her increased size.  "Great,"  He thought.  "How am I gonna get out of this one?"  He tried to pull his arm out from under Maya again, to no effect.  Maya smiled and pulled even closer to Zach, putting her rather large chest in his face. Zach struggled to get out from under Maya, but it seemed just get him stuck further.

Suddenly, Zach remembered the ring.  He turned into a flea and crawled through Maya's fur.  After crawling to her head, he turned back to normal and shouted in her ear.  "WAKE UP MAYA!"

Maya jerked awake with a scream. She accidentally flung Zach into the wall.

Zach groaned as he tried to pick himself up off the floor.  Maya looked around and saw Zach. She gasped and said, "Zach! Are you all right? Why are you so small?"

"Ugh... I think you have it backwards dear.  Look at the rest of the room."  He started to regain his footing.

Maya looked around. "Not again..."

"Again?"  He asked, a bit dazed.

"Yeah. This happens on days the full moon will be out. It's different each time, but this one's happened before. I'm subject to random size changes."

"And I guess the rings and spells you have can't do anything about it?"


"Will that happen to me when I become a Kitsune?"

"Unfortunately, yes." she said and suddenly shrank out of sight, literally.  Zach got worried.  He wanted to call out to Maya, but at that size, he might deafen her with a whisper.

"I hope all the changes aren't this extreme." He mumbled.
Maya's head poked out from the blankets. She was barely bigger than an ant.  "They're not." she said in a tiny voice.

"Well, that's a relief." Zach thought to himself.  "Is there anything I can do to help make it easier?"

"Can you carry me? I can feel when the changes are coming."

"Okay."  Zach said, carefully picking her up.  "Where to?"

"Kitchen? I'm hungry."

"Alright." He took her.  "Where should I put you while I fix the meal?"

"On the table is good." she said.

Zach set her down on the table and got to work.  "Hey Maya, does the amount of food you need to eat go up and down with your size?"


"Okay, I'll fix a some extra food just in case you become a giant again."

Maya giggled. "I'll warn you."

After a few minutes, the food was finished.  "Here you go honey."

Maya smiled and started to eat. "It's very good sweetie."

"Thank you."  He said.  "Does Vira have this problem too?"

"Yes. And whenever I have size problems, she um...lets just say we need to keep away from her today." Maya said.  "Sweetie, I feel a change coming.  Hurry and put me on the floor.!"

Zach quickly complied.  Maya grew a little taller than him. "I forget. Are you usually taller than me or am I usually taller than you?"

"I think I was usually a little taller than you."  Zach said.  "I don't mind so much though.  There's more of you to love."

Maya giggled and kissed him. "Thank you sweetie. You always know how to make me feel better."

"Well, I've known for five days, at any rate..."

"Well, That's plenty long enough for me."

Zach thought for a moment.  "Is there anything you'd like to do today?  If not, I might have an idea or two."

"Do tell. You have the best ideas."

"Well, when I was a kid, there were two spots deep in the woods where I had always been afraid to go.  The kids at school made up all sorts of stories about them, and now that I have some magic, I would love to see if any of them are true."

"You know, I probably was the cause for most of those."
"Oh... You're probably right."  Zach sighed.  "But, have you ever made a lot of screeching sounds by an old cave deep in the woods?"  Maya shook her head and suddenly grew another few inches.  "I think it might be worth checking out.  Who knows, it could be another mythical creature."

"Yeah." she said and smiled down at him.

Zach went to his room and packed a few supplies for Maya and himself.  "Let's get this show on the road."

"Alright sweetie. Open a portal." He did, bringing them right to the cave.  It had quite a foreboding appearance.  He brought out a flashlight, and handed another to Maya.  Maya smiled at him again. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."  As they stepped through the cave, they noticed it was much larger on the inside than it looked.  They continued down the path, until Zach saw that there had apparently been an avalanche, as several huge stones blocked the road.

"Whoa." was all Maya could say.

"Hmm..."  Zach thought, "We need to find a way around."

"Or through?" she said, pointing to his ring.

"I thought about that," Zach said, "but if you don't get randomly changed to a size  that could slip through, you'll be stuck here alone.  What's more, if you got lucky and that did happen, if you had another change on the way back, we'd be in the same situation, but this time we'd be trapped inside.  No, we need to find a way to move these boulders."

Maya sighed. She tried to think of something.  "If only I'd brought a crowbar..."  Zach mumbled.  Maya nuzzled Zach as she tried to think and suddenly disappeared from sight. There was a sliding feeling down Zach's side.  "Maya?"  He called, searching his side.  He picked her up.  "Are you alright?"  
Maya nodded with a sigh. She was big enough to barely fit in Zach's hand.  

"Hmm, you might just barely fit through."  Zach noticed.  "I think I've got it."  He set her down on one of the fallen rocks.  There was a hole that she could crawl through.  "Now Maya, I would like you to crawl to the other side.  I'll follow you in a little bit."  Maya nodded and crawled through the hole.  Zach Turned into a mouse and followed, then turned back into an anthro fox.  

"Well, what do you know."  Zach said, looking at the pile of rocks.  "It looks like it'll be a lot easier to clear the rock from this side when we come back.  Well, let's go honey, I really want to see what's down her."

Maya smiled at him again. "Can you carry me?"

"Sure honey." he said, placing her on his shoulder.

Maya leaned against his head as Zach walked. "Long tunnel..."


Suddenly, a high-pitched screech was heard from deeper in the cave.  "GET OUT!"

Maya covered her ears. "My ears! Ow!" she yelled.

"I think we've found what we're looking for.  Maya, is there anything I can do to help?"

"Could you wear a hoodie? I can hide in the pockets or hood."

Zach realized something.  "Oops.  With all the excitement and size changing this morning, forgot to put on anything besides fur."  He used a bit of magic to fix that, wearing a hoodie and jeans.  "There you go!"  Maya giggled and leaped into the hood.

Zach walked further into the cave.  "I WON"T LET YOU COME CLOSER!"  The voice shrieked again.  A shadow flew out of a large room deeper in.  Maya shivered in Zach's hood.

The voice got a bit quieter.  "You have no business here fox.  But I wouldn't doubt that you'd try to feast on my most precious treasure anyway.  And those who take what is mine will perish!"  Maya started to whimper.

Zach was nervous as well.  "We d-don't mean any harm."  

"Oh, you don't mean any harm,"  The shadow said mockingly, as it flew higher up.  "That's what they all say."  It knocked several rocks off the wall.  Zach barely managed to avoid them, and then realized something.  the "Rocks" were skulls.  

"Not good..."  Maya peeked out and saw them. She screamed and hid again.  The shadow stopped for a moment after hearing the scream.  However it quickly turned its attention to Zach, diving for him and lifting him off the ground.  Something about the creature was freaking Maya out, so cries of fear could be heard from Zach's hood.  

The creature's talons almost released Zach from surprise.  "Did you make that sound?"  The cries from Maya continued as she peeked out from the hood to see the spirit. She ducked back in and continued to cry in fear.

"If you aren't making those cries..." The creature trailed off.  It flew close to ground and released Zach from its talons.  "If you are wise, you will leave right now."  It flew further into the cave.

As soon as it left, Maya stopped crying. "Sweetie, what just happened? I don't remember anything of the last five minutes."

"Well, some sort of flying monster attacked us, and almost killed me.  But I think it confused your screams for something else, so it left for a moment."

"Well, Let's go in further. I'm getting curious."

"I guess I can give it a try."  Zach said.  "I just hope it doesn't find us again."

"Yeah." she said and jumped to his shoulder.  He very carefully crept further in.  Eventually, he reached a room where the creature was hiding.  It was closely examining something in the center of the room.  It was a nest, filled with eggs.  "This is the treasure it was talking about?"  Zach thought.

"I wonder what's in the eggs..."

"If I could use the flashlight without alerting the creature, I might be able to figure out what it is.  My guess is that the creature laid them."

Maya leaned forward to try and see what the creature was examining.  "I could go see."

"If you want to.  Be careful."  Zach warned.

"Just set me down and I can go."  He let her down.  Maya ran in and tried to sneak past the creature.

"It seems I was mistaken,"  The creature, which Maya could now tell to be a griffin, said.  "But if my chicks didn't make that squeak, what did?"  Maya put her paws over her muzzle as she gasped.

The griffin turned to her, and picked her up is his talon.  "Well well well.  A Kitsune.  And here I thought that I could avoid the likes of you by flying to another continent."

"Please don't hurt me..." she said as something about the griffin made her want to start to cry out in fear again. She started to squirm.

"DON'T HURT YOU?"  The griffin yelled.  "After all your kind has done to me, you expect me not to hurt you?  I bet you want my children as part of some spell, just like the ones that killed my parents trying to get me.  Well I won't let you!"

The yelling was what got Maya. She started to cry out in fear again.

"Hmm, so you're the one that made that squeak.  That must mean you were with that fox boy earlier.  But since you have the magic, I'll take care of you first."  He said, about to eat her.  

Zach threw a rock at the griffin, distracting her.  Maya was still in the griffin's grip and was still crying in fear as she started to grow.  "Fine fox boy, if you want it that way..."  It dropped the growing Maya and charged toward Zach.

Maya snapped out of it as she hit the floor and grabbed the griffin once she was big enough. "Leave him alone. I don't know what the Kitsune were like where you are from, but I am a kind person. I was human before I was a Kitsune, and my mate is still part human. We will not harm you or the eggs." She said, all in a very serious tone.

The griffin paused.  "You aren't lying."  It sighed.  "I'm sorry.  It's just that few people, or animals of any kind come here with innocent intent these days.  I can't be too careful.  Please forgive me."

Maya smiled. "It's alright. Oh, and about my size...It's a full moon tonight."

"Oh.  I think I remember hearing about something like that."  The griffin said.

"Yeah." Maya said as she suddenly shrank back to the size she was before she picked up the griffin.

"Perhaps I can help you with the full moon problems."  The griffin said, digging through a chest in the corner of the cave, pulling out two pendants.  "These were used by werewolves to keep the moon from affecting them.  They might help you too."

Maya smiled at the griffin. "Thank you. Um...what's your name? My name is Maya."

"Hmm... A long time ago, a friendly human called me "Mary" after she couldn't pronounce my birth name, so that will do."

Maya giggled. "It's a good name. And as you could guess, this is my mate, Zach."

"It's nice to meet you.  And, once again, I'm sorry I attacked you."  Mary said, then looked at Maya's pendant.  "Please, try it on.  I want to see how much it might help you."  Maya took the pendant and put it on, automatically fitting to her size. She then slowly grew back to normal height, give or take a few inches.

"Splendid!"  Mary cheered.  "I knew that would come in handy one day."

Maya smiled. "Now that I'm seeing you from this look familiar..."

"Well, if I do, you must have looked quite different at the time, I can't say I remember ever meeting a kind Kitsune."

Maya tried to remember and gasped when she finally did. She felt a small twinge of fear. "I remember now...You don't recognize me because I was human at the time, and just a little girl..."

"You mean... Your father was the one who tried to steal one of my eggs twenty eight years ago?"  Mary sighed.  "And you were the girl I tried to kidnap in retaliation.  I'm so sorry.  That was a very wrong choice on my part.  I should've known better, but when my chicks are in danger, I just don't think rationally."

Maya nodded, taking two quick steps back as she relived that night in her head.  Zach ran over to comfort Maya.  Maya leaned on Zach, fear in her eyes.

Mary sighed again.  "Fears like that don't leave easily.  I should know."  Maya's eyes widened as she remembered when Mary had taken her from the safety of her room in a stroke of revenge. She quickly let out a loud scream and shrunk into a kit, curling up tightly.

Zach picked up Maya and cuddled her in his arms.  "There there, Maya.  There's nothing to be afraid of now."  Maya simply whimpered and shivered in Zach's arms, pulling close to him.

Mary spoke.  "I'm so sorry to have done this to her.  Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?"

Maya had calmed a little in Zach's arms. An envelope with a yellow ring attached appeared in midair in front of Mary.  Curious, the griffin opened it.  Inside was a wedding invitation. But at the bottom it read, "As not to attract the attention of those who would want to do things to you, wear the ring to become human for as long as wished. Or anything else."

"Well..."  Mary almost couldn't speak; she was so surprised by the sudden act of kindness.  "T-Thank you Maya.  I will come.  And this lovely ring too.."

Maya finally snapped out of her fear and looked up at Mary slowly. "No, thank you. That ring there, I made myself. Like it says on the invitation, you can become anything when you wear it."

"Amazing."  She said, putting it on.  In a flash, she looked almost indistinguishable from a normal human, aside from a pair of large wings on her back.

Maya smiled. "You look beautiful as a human. I'm guessing the wings are a result of a griffin using a ring made by Kitsune magic. They remind me of a book series..."

Zach looked at his watch.  "Wow.  It's almost eleven!  We should probably get back home Maya.  We still have some wedding preparations to make tomorrow."

Maya nodded up at Zach. She looked back over at Mary. "Maybe you should spend a day as a human sometime soon. You might like it. Plus, you need to get used to it. You remember where the house is, right? Come visit anytime."

"Oh I will!"  Mary said as Zach and Maya left.  

"It was nice meeting you!"  Zach said.

Maya cuddled close to Zach as he held her. "Thank you for comforting me sweetie..."

"It was no problem at all honey."  He opened up a portal to their home and stepped through.  "I'm glad we managed to resolve that peacefully."

"Yeah." she said as they got back home.

"Hang on sweetie. I wanna try something." Maya said before the two headed off to bed, disappearing as her clothes fell into a pile. A full fox jumped up onto the bed.

"Heh, should I change too?"  Zach mumbled as he started to get sleepy.

She nodded. "You better hurry."

His clothes vanished as he changed to his full fox form again.  "Kinda fun to be like this again."

Maya smiled and pawed over to him. She rubbed up against him. "The bed takes longer to work on full animals, so anything you wanna talk about?"

"Well, after that little incident, I can't help but wonder: after we get married, do you want to have kits? I mean you already have Vira, and I don't know how you'd feel about all of that."

Maya blushed through the red fur. "I've been thinking about it since I first met you. And the answer is yes..."

Zach blushed a little too.  "Speaking of that, where should our Honeymoon be, anyway?  I admit, it'd be hard to travel too far, what with our ears and such, but still, what sort of place would you like to go?"

Maya's ears perked as she remembered something. "Actually, I know the perfect place. My mother had bought an island off the coast of Japan and my dad hid it and kept it preserved in time with his magic. They kept it for when I got married."

"Wow.  That's a REALLY nice wedding gift."  Zach paused. "Maybe we should just go to sleep for now.'

"Alright." Maya said, snuggling close to him.  Zach licked her and fell asleep.  

Maya fell asleep as well. Her dreams were vivid with thoughts of after the wedding.

At last the day of the wedding had arrived.  An altar had been placed in the garden behind the mansion, by which a very nervous, confused lawyer stood as Zach and Maya walked down the isle both in anthro forms, Zach in a suit, and Maya in a long white dress.  Most of the seats were unoccupied, given that the only guests were Mary, in her winged human form, Zach's family, and Charlie (who didn't take a seat, as he was operating the camera).

The lawyer nervously cleared his throat.  "Um… Do you, Zach take this… woman… to be your lawfully wedded wife as long as you both shall live?"

"I-I do!"  Zach stuttered.

"And do you… Maya, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, as long as you both shall live."

Maya looked into Zach's eyes.  "I do."

"Then I now pronounce you man and wife.  You may kiss the bride."  Zach happily did so.  As he did, he felt an odd growth near his tail, as a second one grew in, marking his change into a true Kitsune.  He changed a little mentally as well, countless spells now seeming much simpler, almost instinctive, to him now.  

"I love you Maya."  Zach said, gazing loving at her.

"And I love you Zach."  Maya said, before kissing him again.  The lawyer quietly excused himself, happy to never have to think about fox people again.

After the reception was over, and the family had left, Maya and Zach grabbed the bags they had packed, ready to go to the honeymoon island.  After Maya had finished the spell to open the portal there, a devious thought came to Zach's mind.  

"Hold on a second Maya."  He said.  "I forgot something."  He ran back to Maya's room before she could answer.  He reappeared a few moments later.  "I got it."

Maya giggled.  "Alright.  Let's go!"

"Bye mom, bye dad!"  Vira said, waving them off, looking forward to having the house to herself.

After stepping through the portal, they found themselves on a beautiful island, and in front of them stood what looked like an oriental palace.  

"The honeymoon suite…" Maya said with a happy sigh.  They both stepped inside, eagerly exploring their new home for the honeymoon.  After finding the bedrooms, the two unpacked, and removed their uncomfortable wedding clothes.

"Hey Maya,' Zach asked, "Are you feeling thirsty?"

"A little."  Maya said.  "Some juice would be nice."

"Ok."  Zach said quietly picking up a small bottle from his bag.  "Just wait here for a second."  He darted down to the kitchen, a huge grin on his Kitsune muzzle.  He opened the refrigerator and filled two glasses up with apple juice.  

He then opened the bottle he had taken from his bag, the familiar smell of the pheromone potion tickling his nose.  His mischievous new Kitsune side knew that after tomorrow, neither one would mind his actions.

He pored the last of it into the two glasses before taking the drinks to the bedroom.  

"Well honey," he said, handing one glass to Maya, "Drink up!"
This is a VERY long RP(roleplay) I did with :iconfrozen-doopliss: sometime during Summer 2009. It lasted about a month, and after a lot of procrastination over looking at the ending he had written(since we never actually finished), I'm finally posting it. Enjoy. Btw, the total size was 95 kb on devART, 175 kb on comp. 64 kb is the max size for a story. I will go back and edit missing/wrong punctuation and capitalization later. And spelling.
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Well this was...impressive for lack of a better word. Even if the RP isn't continuing, you should continue adding on to this story. It's a pity it ends where it does.
98sparkz Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011  Student Artist
Please continue i wanna read what happens next so baaaaad...
CosmicUmbreon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
Loved it! Don't stop writing! (doesn't care for a sequel)
BlackwolfLW Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Student Filmographer
make a part 3 plz
BlackwolfLW Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Student Filmographer
Even though u said this was the end plz make a part 3...
apollo94 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011
sorry, but I can't. my friend I did this with is gone for two months and this was a cluster of rp logs turned into a story. we didn't know where else to go with it.
BlackwolfLW Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2011  Student Filmographer
aww... oh well it was a really good story.
Xkitsune23X Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
never mind on part three but again its a great series and i kinda thought that the ending of this one was the acctual ending but other wise great story umm if you dont mind it kinda inspired a special edition chapter to my curse of the fox series and i hope you read them when you find the time but umm if you dont mind in kinda inspired to make a story where my fav curse of the fox story char yuko dose what you did in the rp you know go looking for a mate and stuff but i you dont want me to make one on those bases because i realize that this rp/story might be veary personal to you on this all you have to do is say so and i wont make it or well i wont post it any way
Xkitsune23X Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
hahahahahah i love this story i realy doo and and i cant beleave he would use pharamones on her but then again you did say he put them into both drinks so there might be some interesting reactions i cant wait till the next part
fohammer Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010
plz make a part 3
fohammer Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
hoping for a part 3 (revenge can be so sweat)
Frozen-Doopliss Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry that we didn't make it more clear, but that was supposed to be the ending.

Plus, it's not really revenge, anyway.
fohammer Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
aw but its a good story
Frozen-Doopliss Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
And were we to continue it, it would cease to be so. Sometimes, it's best to let something end before things go wrong.
fohammer Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
plz hard to find a good kitsune story
Aegis27 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
Brilliant. Part 3! Part 3!
apollo94 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
Sorry... the rp had ended, so we decided to just write an ending ourselves and get it posted. no part 3.
Aegis27 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
oh well, good while it lasted =p
Labhras Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I really enjoyed this story, it's not often you find something this good online. You have anymore works in the making?
apollo94 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
Well, i'm in the process of typing up the ending to another story on my account, The Facility. take a look at it. btw, in case you didn't read the author comments, this entire thing was an rp.
Labhras Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
The Facility? Sounds quite intriguing. Oh yeah, I remember reading that it was an rp now that I think about it, must have slipped my mind when I was typing the comment >.>
Gryfffalconheart Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010

mischeivious kitsune is mischeivious. way to use pheromones...
RecycledIdentities Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010
I enjoy reading your work, Scott.
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Brilliant! Fantastic! Molto bene!
Frozen-Doopliss Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Man, I forgot how long this went on. Sorry to have made so many errors for you to correct....
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lol It's ARMS!!!
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